New blog

Hi for those of you don’t know, my name is Lita.
I have other blogs so I’m not new to the game.

Q & A

1. Why not just use the other blogs that you have?

Well the others are used for a different purpose. They’re a little more deep on my thoughts so I would rather keep them unknown for the time being.

2. Then what’s this one for?

Solely to give others an opportunity to have glimpse into my world.

3 . What’s the ‘The Light & Simplicity project’ all about ?

I find that nowadays everything is really fast pace. I want to slow things down and allow for the good things to shine through.

4. How old are you?


Nearly 17

5. What do intend on blogging about?

Anything and everything.

Now that you know something about me I hope to see you in the coming posts.

Light from Lita

Love you all

Bye now

All rights reserved, the light and simplicity project.


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