Conversation between beings

Tell me something.  Well explain it to me.

What is love?

I know what love is. Foolish girl. You only know of love shared between family.


Tell me of love then.

I can’t.


You gotta feel it.

That’s the most cliché thing I’ve ever heard.

Well, I cannot explain what love is to you. Love is what you feel pulsing through each and every vein. A sort of emotion that’s everlasting. 

Love is vulnerability. Love is allowing your eyes to be bare to your lover. Having your soul at risk. Love is pain.

Then why do people chase after love?

Because the pain is beautiful. The pain is you letting your lover make decisions that only hurt you the end so that they can be happy.

But would I do that?

Because you would do anything to that melodic laugh ringing in your ears. Love is night. Love is dark and silent. Love is laying for hours , endless committing them to memories. Love is fear.

Why would I fear love?

Love is fragile. Love doesn’t understand the concept of time. Love will speed by. Every second is precious.  Most of all love is blind.

Love cannot be blind right?

Love does not see gender or skin. Love sees passion and drive. Love knows no boundaries. Love is pure. Hold it dear. For it may escape you. Leave you with a barren soul.

Like mine?

Like yours.

Light from Lita
See you soon.


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