Eventually. No matter who you are, we get stuck, lost and yearning for difference. I guess it’s part of that thing called growing old, but it still isn’t a good feeling.
I think some more than others exprience it more often , only because of their type of thinking. I call it the over-thinking plot. Maybe you have it maybe you don’t.  Either way it has to stop.


This was taken a couple weeks ago in Cape Town. I think this was one of those rare moments were I was still.  My mind wasn’t racing with the ‘what if I fall’ or ‘I need to check on…’ I can’t remember what I was thinking at all but I’d like to think that I was more concerned about the fact that I would never get that moment back. I cannot be grateful enough for these moments.  Somehow you feel free and untouchable. Like I was the essence of the air that surrounded me.

I think a good way to reach a peace like that or a simplicity would be to close your eyes and breath. To realise that the moment that you are in is real.



Just to point that even though it was hot, It was very wind there.

Light from Lita
See you soon


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