There’s a beauty to be found in a almost dead rose. It’s still as beautiful as the day it bloomed. Either way if you think about it the rose till conveys the same meaning as it was given to you.

My sunday project was to find the things that I love and try to capture them in the best possible way yet in such way that they were showcased in the simplest form they were.

1. Dying Rose.

My beautiful property.

As I said it’s beautiful in a poetic way. Dying roses are beguiling , I cannot lie about that. However I still appreciate them with a soft brush of their dying petals.


This one may seem strange but have you ever found yourself spinning out of control and you’re dizzy and the world can’t seem stay still? I like that feeling of being able to run in one direction only to land up in another.

My beautiful property.

I am free, I cannot touch the sky or fly but for a moment in time, for a split second, I feel like I can. It fills me with a euphoria of joy and happiness because when I fall I’m not scared at all.

3. Licorice tea

Some people like the candy, others don’t.  I like the tea as well. It is not super sweet like the sweet.

My beautiful property.

I think may be a tea addict. Only because I try millions of different types of teas and it seems for the meanwhile I have settled on Licorice tea.  I take my daily dose plain and simple. I’d like to think that one day I would be sitting in a café in the streets of London sipping on a cup of Licorice tea whilst reading may favourite novel when I bump into you. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Those are some of my favourites things that I have truly come to hold close to my essence.

Perhaps you could share yours with me?

Light from Lita
See you soon.


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