Long ago , somewhere in time, I met  a cheetah.  He didn’t tell me his name. He never showed an ounce of fear. Only raising his head to meet my gaze. I felt unworthy in the gaze of the majestic beast. He lowered his head and studied me as I inched forward. I could see the calculation in his head as I lifted my hand.

Then I realised that he probably had been hurt before. That someone had rendered him powerless once. Someone took advantage of him. I tilted my head at him. He cocked his back. I hoped I wouldn’t catch a glimpse of his fear and wounded heart.
Instead of violating his space as many before me had. I tried to ask for acceptance, however how do you expect someone who had been burnt before to play with fire again.

With the allowance of him, I touched him slowly. Never had I felt fur so soft. I felt his bones with the vibrated breathing. It was a surreal moment.  I was in the space of an infamous killer yet all that he exuded was a aura of power and dominance. He lay still in light and simplicity.

I met a cheetah once and he shall forever lay in my soul

My beautiful property

Light from Lita
See you soon
Find me on instagram : @lightxlita


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