Mom and dad.

        Package of love.

I am the product of love
Shared between two atoms
I am the result of unconditional trust
Flowing through the blood of two beings.
I have been given life
For two lifes connected as one.
That love may not exsit no more,
I’ll still be the product of them,
And I still will find that love.

– Lita
See you soon


2 Replies to “Mom and dad.”

  1. Stopped by to thank you for your recent like on Shift Key. Reading here and there all over your blog, when I stopped here. It made me think of something to share with you. Hope you don’t mind. I am probably a century or so older than you are (well… quite older anyway). And, I was abused as a child (see my About pages). I’m saying that because our parents made us, but can hurt us and disappoint us. But parents and others are not the foundation for or sources of true love. I remind myself often over the years of what King David said in a Psalm about this issue: “When my father and mother forsake me, then the Lord will take care of me.” (Ps. 37:10) God’s love for me, for you, is unconditional and unceasing; even when the love of others can fail or fall short. Thanks for listening and stopping by.

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    1. I more than grateful for your visit. Obviously I’m still quite young and may even still have the perspective of life, love and many other things through rose coloured glasses. That is why I always welcome the opinions and teachings of people more experienced and well read than myself. I agree with what you’re saying, Love is self bulit , Lord maintained and can be happily distributed through relationships formed. Perhaps that’s my own wrong doing in perpetuating it in any other manner, however I find that I tend to deviate into writing about it like that , only because it’s the rawest form of self doubt and craving that most people have, one that I relate to at times. With that being said, the background in this particular poem had more to do with the love shared between my parents rather than myself ( my father passed very early on in my life ), it was a tribute to what they shared and more especially that their ‘live story ‘ had a happy ending; me. Your own life experiences moulded your perspective of Love , which allows you to help others to understand what love is and how one can experience it. More so brought you to me and taught me an important lesson to rembember, one to share as well.

      I thank you so much for taking your time and stopping by. I hold dear and appreciate what you have said.

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