To be alone.

To be alone.

I don’t envy those who are alone. I wish them nothing but company. To be alone is one of the most unbearable things one can experience. “I’m fiercely independent, but I’m also terrified of being alone” I think what Adam Levine says, sums up basically what I feel in this respect. Maybe I feel this way because I came so close to being the only one in my family.

It’s that gripping fear that I felt in my heart that makes me pushes me to value family and all those around me. The moment it sinks in that you could be possibly alone with no one to watch you graduate or to indulge in your secrets, fears and emotions. The greater pain of losing someone is how barren you feel afterwards.

It led me think of those who are lying sick in hospital or they’re sitting in an old age home with no one to show them affection. To be there, with your thoughts consuming you. Wondering why you are alone. To long for some sort of show of care, only for it not to come.

 But sometimes it better to be alone.

 I think some people are okay with being alone for long periods of time whereas others cannot stand it. I can more often than not hoping to be left alone, so that I can ground myself. Only because society is just full of so many ideas that, I need to constantly need to remind myself what I stand for. Even in the dead of the night, one can appreciate the silence and peace you are given.

Would the world be filled with less sorrow if we lent smiles as went through it?  

– Lita
See you soon
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2 Replies to “To be alone.”

  1. The truth is that everybody feels alone some point of their life but what we don’t realise is that we may feel alone but someone out there is actually there for you and walking in the same footsteps as you. No one should feel alone

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    1. Thank you for taking time to read my piece, I’m sure that could have being doing something else but you chose me.We all do have someone waiting for us , i think that the time spent until we do find that person is often hard on some people . You’re right, no one should feel alone ever.

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