The story of not deciding.

Okay. Normally I wouldn’t ask this but I need you to lend an ear to me. I mean this could be a win-win situation, I mean you could be distracted from your problems and I can deal with mine.  It’s okay if you don’t want to and I’ll understand but I would really appreciate the help. (And no, it’s not financially related.)

I’m going through what some might call a mid-life crisis but since I’m nowhere close to that age you could call it a pre quarter life crisis. I’m sure everyone goes through this and I would actually really love the help. Okay here goes nothing,

I’m standing at the crossroads of career choice and I never knew that it was this chaotic. I can’t make up my mind. Every career choice speeds past me and I just can’t seem to hop on. I tried to break it up and find out what I liked and that didn’t help either.

I favoured writing but couldn’t imagine spending the rest of life writing at some mag and newspaper besides my writing isn’t that good.

Then history came along and it took me in a love affair where I feel in love with all the greats but I don’t think that my infatuation could last long.

Science did a number and took advantage of my wonder. It had me asking questions that were left unanswered.  That’s what had me wanting to enter into a field where I could engineer machines that could revolutionise the way we saw healthcare and yes even war.

Then I realised that I may not be intelligent enough to purse my love of science and thought the being in the behind the scenes of film making would tickle my fancy. Working for places like marvel doing edits would make me beyond satisfied even working on film scripts.

The last was programming. But everyone programs. Couldn’t throw myself into a career where the supply was higher than the demand. Even business is the same for me. I love to crunch numbers but not when millions are doing the same.  

I’ve gone through millions of websites and career resources so that in the impending months before I have to apply I would have an idea of what I want to do. That didn’t help either.

So I ask anyone out there who read this if they could help me. If they could tell me about their experiences and life is going out there. Please I’m asking for your help.



So thanks for listening to this, i dont know what to call this, but thanks anyway.

Ps if you ever see a women running crazy through streets screaming “I couldn’t decide” know that it was me.

Light from Lita
See you soon
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5 Replies to “The story of not deciding.”

  1. Hi, you are right, you are not the only one having a quarter life crisis. I had it too and I am sure many before us too. I’ll probably leave you with more information than answers. Money is not everything, but it can, if you earn enough, buy almost everything. Here is why you should probably go for the Engineering job or the most well paid job: once you hit 30, and you are not an engineer or an architect of some sorts, you will be the one not buying a new car or still having your car since you turned 18… or using public transport. You will be the one staying at home over Summer or Winter holidays, whilst the engineer is flying somewhere enchanting. You will also be the one buying McDonalds instead of dining out at some fancy restaurant. Money does take you places. Another side of being in a management or intelligent position is: you will walk in a company, on top. You will have people under you from the start. Unless you are happy with people telling you what to do and how to do it for the rest of your life? And those people are soon going to be people younger than you.
    Next flip of the coin. You are most likely going to do two sorts of jobs in your lifetime. The one you started of with and the one you realised you should’ve done. Which my dear friend, you may do! You are not a tree, move! It is okay not to work at a place for 50 years. You can buy your own watch!
    I have news for you, there are many people doing the same thing of most things. You can still do it! The secret is that no one can do it like you do it and you have to make sure you become the best in it and approach it differently! In my opinion, IT/Programming is not full and it is the way forward. Every type of job needs a programmer and every employee in some point needs to program!
    That too is the beauty of today’s jobs. You can be a programmer in a Graphics Designer company! Open your mind to all the possibilities. Or you can be the accountant at the Museum. Combine jobs! Talk later. Need to hop off the bus. 😉


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