New Beginnings

How do you express a loss of something that you have never touched?

Or shared a glance with? How do you express to the world what you feel within your confines?

How do you scream out a huge I don’t care to the world? When there is nothing more than judging happening?

How do you pursue something without any strength? How do you carry on when you are constantly beat down?

Well here is my love letter to the world, my love letter to myself, my love letter to you.

I don’t care. Not anymore. Not the way I did. I can’t find that emotion that is expected of me to potary. I will not conform to what you think is right. I will admit that I am far from perfect but I don’t care. I define me and me alone.

What do want me to say? That I’m sorry for wanting so much than what had been destined for me? For me to keep quiet when I see wrong? No. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry.

And you, what did you expect? For me to agree, for me to fall to my knees? Hahahaha not a chance. Please don’t be surprised when you don’t find me anymore. I can’t stick with people who didn’t recognized how much I cared. How I put myself out some many times in the hopes to aid you along. I will no longer sacrifice my happiness for your own. Not when I have been so unhappy for so long.\

My thoughts are my own not for anyone skew. Not for me not to recognize. I will no longer be altering my opinion so that I don’t offend the world.  Gone is this Life that I have  being living.

I think this is the final step in achieving what I wanted in the beginning.I wanted to be happier not that I haven’t, Just a different type of happy. To live a life full of simplicity and most importantly one filled with light.

I shun all darkness out. All negativity.

Welcome light.

Light from Lita

See you soon

Find me on Instagram: @Lightxlita


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