“To the one I shall never see again unless our paths cross again”


Who could of thought
That the one night I chose to venture out
You’d be the one waiting in my path
Sharp smiled green eyed stranger
Lurking in the dark shadows of the night

Oh stranger of the night
How you promised me a brighter tomorrow
Moved your lips in sync with the wind around us
Told me your name and how i would be calling for you
Luring me deeper into your allure

now I say to you
Smiling man with the sweet lies
I have returned back inside
Where I belong
Out of the reaches of strangers in the night with smiles
To forget the promises made by those green eyes.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t  be what you needed
I had to think of myself as well.
I had to understand that me and my wellbeing comes first.
But thank you for being what i needed – Me to my stranger in the night

Light from Lita
See you soon
Find me on instagram : @lightxlita


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