Conversations between beings [part 2]

I see you’ve returned young one.

Yes I have.

What do you wish to know now?

I would like to know what life is. More especially how it works.

You know that there are many philosophers, scientists and even the greatest minds of world throughout time and even today who are still trying to explain how it works.  Many have tried to come up with the answer to how life works. Many of whom have being correct. 

So then how does life work?

Life is dimensional, many different working parts.  It would take more time than I have to explain what it truly means.

Then tell me the part that no one ever says, almost like a harsh reality.

You sure, young one?

Yes. I have not much to fear. I mean how bad could it be?

It quite darker than it seems. The mere fact you think that you have little to fear,  proves it to be more prominent than you think. To simply put it, it is about dominating others.

Dominating others?

To be the better player,  to be more conniving than the next person. To “play them” no matter what it takes to win.

But surely you can’t think that.

But I do.

It’s wrong.

What’s wrong? The fact that it’s right or the entire principle of it? You may think that you better than it right? That parking spot you got just “in time” or that last sandwich on the shelf that you saw someone else eyeing that’s currently sitting in your fridge?
Don’t flatter yourself,  you’re just like the rest of them, young one.


It’s true, if you had the opportunity to be in better position you would take it right?

Is that why we hurt each other?

What do you think, young one?

I would like to think of this being as someone or something that exists as a source of knowledge. As a means for a child to learn something. Just more straightforward.  Blunt. I would like to think of the “young one” as a young being who has not being exposed to the world and it’s harsh realities. It’s a mind that has not formed by opinion.

Light from Lita
See you soon.


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