Five minutes past midnight
I counted five lightening flashs
Before I had the urge to cry out in pain
Four thunderous sounds echoing through
Before tears started streaming down faster than the rain

Physical pain got ahold of me first
Had me twisted and strangled in bed sheets
Three failed attempts to calm myself had passed.
A continuous repetitive motion of clenching
Whenever the pain passed through.

Emotional pain seemed unending
Two quarters of an hour pass slowly.
Til I have the strength to carry myself to the window
Raindrops accompany teardrops towards my pulsing neck
That’s vibrating out the sound of your name into the night.

One o’clock in the afternoon
My torturous night remains unknown to you.
Pain surging behind my smile as I listen on
To how peacefully you slept, how sweet it was
While I was in agony calling out for anyone,  for you.

Some nights are tougher than the rest.
Some mornings are sweeter than the rest.

Light from Lita
See you soon.


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