Apple Cherry – Nao

* warning personal content may be too human *

Well I’ve decided to share a little a bit on the inspiration of the poem. It’s based on one of the songs I have been listening to lately, Apple Cherry by Nao. If I’m being honest my music taste varies quite often so if something has held my attention longer than a day then I usually hold it in the highest respect.

Background on the track (taken from

[” It becomes clear that none of Nao’s reveries have made it out of her head and into the physical realm;it’s uncertain if the recipient of her poetic fantasies is aware of the tension at all.“…you can read the rest of the review here ]

Thus the almost psychedelic tune produced this from me.


Within this valley
Lies thrush forests
Filled with blooming flora
Singing sweet songs
Falling upon deaf ears

And so within a tale
This forest is occupied
By loins that bear your name
Venturing deeper into paths
Unknown and unmarked
By any residing there

Full seasons
Longer seasons
Lone seasons
With rain showers
Filled with naivety fruit
And anxious trees.
Have known this valley

Calling upon
An expedition by
An insatiable explorer
Through the winter skies
Of the passage time

For this valley
Possesses all but
One that intends to
Dance the eternal motions
Through the body of the forest.

Nirgival – the act of wanting or needing something that satisfies and realising that it is unattainable or Incapable of being achieved sans harsh repercussions.

Feel free to listen to Apple Cherry – Nao

Light from Lita
See you soon.


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