Wavering Wednesdays.

Wavering Wednesdays is about introducing different sorts of writing forms.

Today : Excerpt from a book I never wrote.

                                  ^   Lone Wanderer  ^

His teeth had started to clatter. He couldn’t be sure whether it was the wind or creature that stood before him.

He stared into the glittering multitude that the creature’s eyes had become.

Words clawed at his throat, threatening to escape. His mind had became still, numbed by the creature.

The creature floated, causing a soft flutter of desire to electrify the air.

Suddenly, all to quickly, it touched him and burnt him to the core.

He was enchanted.
He was helpless.

Then the creature replied, her almost translucent hair cascading into patterned waves; drowning him into her hold.

“No, I do not love you. I could never love you like that but I still want to be friends.”

Then he shattered into oblivion.
Alone again.

Light from Lita
See you soon


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