I tried to find solace
at the bottom of a maturing bottle,
so I could bring it all back;
the tinge in your fading laugh,
the smell of your existence.
Even the things that I thought
were meant to be hated;
You chew too loud,
You forget my feelings,
You protected me too much,
You always made smiles appear…
on bad days.
Or held on too tight onto our world;
even when it came crashing down.

The bottles do nothing now…
I can’t numb the pain
or mask your disdain.
So I dive a little deeper into it,
the bottles and the booze.
to take it all away.

My fears,
and mostly need.

Light from Lita
See you soon.


3 Replies to “Solacunè”

    1. Thank you. That push and pull dynamic is a tried and true apporach to most relationships I guess. When it’s gone you can’t help but miss it – even if it was toxic or not exactly healthy for either of you.

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