Let me hurt you.

Let me hurt you.


It’s currently 18:20, a long 20 mins after I sent that message. Yes this is in real time. I guess I am mixing media right now aren’t I?

Obviously I am still having this conversation on the side, actually a response has just been sent through.


I am back. 

I guess it’s cruel to react the way I did – it’s a profession of love right?

Someone thinks they love me and I can’t help nor affirm their love.


I do love that person.
Believe me I do.
I do love you.

Let me hurt you, because that’s all I know how to do.

So in advance, for breaking your heart and being the villian – only because I can’t love you the way you need to be loved; It would be selfish to keep you.


Here is your poem,
from your heart to yours.

why aren’t you responding? I am so sorry and I know that won’t take the pain away.


Please pick up the phone.


Please pick up,
I need to hear your voice.
Sorry ( I know you hate me for saying it )


………… silence.


Tears in my lover

I can’t take it away
I can give it

tears in my lover
rips in your heart
I can’t catch
nor patch.

Don’t ask to be held.
I’ll only burn you
my touch
isn’t meant for such

tears in my lover
I apologise.


Which side do you think I am on,
sent or received?

take it all away
for the both of us.

It hurts. We brought it on.

” I know you love me, it’s one sided but I knew going in… love you forever babe. ”

” love you too”

Light from Lita
See you soon.


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