Grab a bat
Stand at the mat
No not like that.

Shoulders out
Straighten your back
No displaying that pout
For this is all you lack

Sit and watch football
You could learn a couple of moves
Don’t look at the boys
Feet and only feet
I won’t admit defeat

Stop it
Boys don’t like boys like that
My son doesnt do that
He isn’t apart of it.
Stop screwing me over
Be a man.

“I am.”

To E: It’s been a year since you jumped out of the closet. It’s so beautiful to watch how you landed in people’s hearts.  You’re a stubborn weed that refuses to leave and I love you for it. This one’s for you, mister. Thank you for letting me share it.  Happy OutDay!

Light From Lita
Zaps From E



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