[c] Sickeningly Sweet

Confession: I bought Girl Scout cookies, and then threw most of them away.

Sickeningly Sweet

street after my commute
eyes latch onto me
turn the block
my thoughts turn mute
racing against the clock
and they’re gaining on me.

quick fluttering steps
under flickering lights
futile; they’ve got me
– cornered.

“Would you like to buy our cookies?”

– Lita

(Confessions is an ongoing series centered around the basic human experience. The everyday things we think about and feel but don’t share due to society or fear of being ostracized from our inner circles.

Most confessions are taken off a thread on Reddit – If you happen to stumble upon your own confession and wish for me to take it down, please let me know.)



2 Replies to “[c] Sickeningly Sweet”

    1. Oh yes! We had what we called the raffle season in my neighborhood, where a herd of kids ( well planned because you were outnumbered) would come and knock on our door and ask for us to buy a raffle ticket. They had us diving and ducking behind curtains but even that wouldn’t save you.

      We’d just suck up and buy a ticket to a raffle that we’d never win.

      Good times.

      Thanks for stopping by

      – Lita.

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