bites poetry

on stubbornness

Stubbornness said to move mountains

And not climb them.

To bathe in puddles 

And to throw rationale to the curb.

Awoke me in the wee hours of the morning

To water the garden in the midst of a storm. 

Stubbornness won’t accept my tokens of affection

Yet lays beside me sans invitation.

bites poetry

How you sought to love me

You parade me like timepiece,

Only engage me to show off

Slid me in the back til you need me.

You speak of me like renaissance art

I am beauty you say

But not to the taste of these modern days

You lean on me like a wall

Sturdy and stationery 

But I crush under your weight 

You see me nothing as your equal

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Pardon my disbelief
My inability
rightful uninvestment
I don’t deny relief

Propaganda I see
Now insemination
Unknown draining vermin
Sucking the connection
– Invading sanity
Dissociating me.

– Lita

( I had a lot of fun with this one because as of late, I haven’t really tried to stick to any structure or form – just trying to feel out what works me.

However this poem is exactly six syllables each sentence and that challenge was more difficult than what I expected.)

I have question for those who dare to answer, What’s a realization that you’ve stumbled upon recently that you could sum up into a single sentence?

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You’re not a puzzle
no need to be pulled
– apart
then have your pieces

You’re a Kadupul
growing awkward and unknown
with a harsh exterior
in varying terrains

They can hold their rain
no invitation to your parade
not while you’re a –
Midnight Mircale
– blooming sans light
the rare, precious,
delicate, most desired
within all these vast lands

what they cannot ruin with their hands.

– Lita

(A Kadupul is the most precious, beautiful flower on this earth. What makes it priceless is that it blooms at night and it wilts before dawn.

We are not the sum of what people see in us during the light, but rather what grows within us in our darkest hours and those who are deserving of us will get to see us in our greatest bloom.)

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Egg Donor

The day you turned human
the sunlight was caught in your hair
just less than half a decade old,
I watched the tears stream down
Your indestructible façade.

The day you turned human
I feared you had been defeated,
no more flights to galaxies
that I loved you beyond.

The day you turned human
barefoot and pregnant with my brother
– in our then small apartment,
you taught me the meaning of strength.

– Lita

bites poetry shorts


Everyone’s a poet nowadays
pick up a pen
– kaboom
a poet.

– Lita

( passing through)



Back in the market
A week ago – not too long ago.
I bought a soap
Placed it with the other things in the packet.

Last night,
With the soap that costed less than a pound.
I used all my might
After the exhausting day
Sans light nor sound
A battle in the shower
To stand and not lay
Took all my remaining power

On the water came
And the droplets ran crazed
Like soldiers in a classified raid.

The soap sans a name,
Came into hand
And suddenly I found myself paralyzed
– less than a pound

But here it smelled like
my long passed childhood –
I could see myself at my granny’s place
In the bathtub, no older than 5


I picked a soap at the market the other day. I suppose most of the time when I’m shopping here, I try to buy things that remind me of home. An orange juice here or lavender scented spray – anything to keep the homesickness at bay.



I don’t want to have to defend it
not while I’m growing it
I’ve spent too many years unsure
so please allow me privacy and
– space.

– Lita


Thru Lovers

come out tonight
run in the shadows
– light will destroy us.
For I can see our faults
when it shines.

– Lita

bites poetry


Injections into the mind
here comes the thoughts.

– Lita