Grey hair
Pollutes my mind,
Stems itself in my thoughts
Thoughts I can’t remember.
The words are sucked up
Something is sucked up
Grey hair
I can’t remember
I need to pee

Grey hair
Steals my memories
Tomorrow left today
I can’t remember
Something is stolen
Who are these faces
I need to pee

Grey hair
Takes what’s left of me
My bed is wet – it’s warm.
I can’t remember something
Grey hair
I’m cold
I can’t remember anything.

– Lita





This is inscribed
Knowing that you shall never
Possess knowledge of it.
Sans the fear of repercussions

Your absence is prominent,
No one will admit to it,
However our eyes keep on
A lookout for you;
Like lone lighthouses
Looking past beautiful seas,
Just for you

Your absence is known
In the lack of security
That blankets us in the nights
When loneliness commits
Acts of treason against us.

Your absence is felt
In the tension that pursues after
Mention of your fading existence
Lurking in the holds
That love once occupied

Your absence is loathed
In the fact that it was incapable of taming
Nor reversal; because death can be given
And not taken back.


Light from Lita
See you soon



His eyes were filled with knowledge of his doing.
His smile aged with the victory of souls;
See thievery of lone hearts
Belonging to girls like me
Had become his occupation.
Knowing fear of pursuit,
Would be non existent.

His voice strung us in a line, along
With reminders of his previous conquers;
Souless consorts, possessed by his possession
Of their heart strings.
Whilst I pondered on stumbling feet
Over the idea of pian detonating
In the barren soul holders,
Freeing us of him.

Like week old roses
That lay beside a bed
Fully aware of unrequited love.
More so he relished in psychotic things;
Complicated factors,
Like being my best friend’s
lover and I, his
Unknown consort.

Evil dwells in the prettiest forms

Light from Lita
See you soon



he stood still
as she walked away from him
said she found another lover
someone sweeter
someone that made her tingle

he cried silently
as she became poisoned
twisted and hurt
by her lover.

he fought himself
to give her ‘freedom’
to let his love waste away
to feel himself break
beyond recognition

summers had passed
before he caught a glimmer
a shell of her
he so wanted to reach her
but he couldn’t
he never would
because she felt dead with him

and the pain had made her feel alive.


See you soon.

Light from Lita





How fond have you become

over the nights we spent

in pure silence, pondering

over the things we could have become

over the words we kept to ourselves.


How fond do you think I have become

over the loudness that love emits

when it seems to be true.

However we both know that

fondness and reality don’t coincide.


so you ran away from you reality?


Light from Lita

See you soon





The cages of the mind.

The cages of the mind

And my head is a symphony of cold
Blues and black
fighting this mind
Electric pulses of darkness
charging the palaces of my thoughts
War drums sounding through
Banging across the doors of my eyes
Lies and lies falling through
Smiles and smiles programed to do.


See you soon
Light from Lita
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