a little tale
to hold you over
through all the turbulence,
when you talk
and those words slide out
of your mouth.

My arms interloop
like an interlude to the silence.
behind my lips
teeth clench.
behind my eyes
my soul rages
behind my swaying form
calculated thoughts ricochet.

a little tale
to hold you over
through my waves
that rip through
our conversations
that all end with the
inevitable reluctant,
“No, I am not mad.”




To put things in perspective, I was born after the 1st mp3 player was created. So relatively speaking, even though I’m no spring chicken, there’s still a whole world that I’m basically a stumbling duckling to.

So sometimes I stumble upon photographs, paintings or music that strike a cord within me. Usually much older than I am which turns the appreciation into a research mission to understand the context in which it was produced.

There are a plethora of  creators in so many different mediums and sometimes I feel like even though I get exposed to their work. It’s always a fleeting moment in time and suddenly they’re gone in the wind never to be seen again ( unless I see them in my search results.)

I won’t really go deep into what this ‘series’ of posts will be centred around – you probably already get the gist of it.

I’m just going to jump straight into what I have discovered recently (who/what).


Before I bombard you with the history of this photograph, I’ll divulge into what I felt and thought when I initially saw it.

When you look into Yoko Ono’s eyes, there’s this emotion that I spent a couple of minutes to verbalize – to put in words but I can’t quite do it.

It’s almost as if she has dissociated herself from the this world. Her mind seems to be elsewhere. Yet at the same time there is this yearning, as if there is something beyond what we could comprehend that she desires. However amidst all these emotions, a peace is present – the same kind that you get while you’re floating in a pool.

A pleasant nothingness.

John Lennon has visually completely encompassed himself into her being – her essence. I like how his hand is threaded into her hair – her free flowing hair. To be a poetic sap for a second ( not that I’m not usually one.) I drew a parallel between this action and how the hair of women is highly romanticized and given power in the work of some poets and writers alike.

For the sake of having an example( so both you and I can be clear on this point.) I’ll drop Philip Larkin’s “Waiting For Breakfast, While She Brushed Her Hair”

Anyways back to the photograph. I was shocked Lennon. To be pressed up against Ono, there isn’t even an opportunity to have a guise of space. I love the way that gently cradles her head – perhaps he has deep respect for her mind and all that she contains.

My mind always floats back to the way he has moulded himself into her. I realized it was direct consequence of how in mainstream medium it’s always the other way around. That’s why this photograph seems so strange so out of place – why it impacted me so much. As well as the feeling of committing an intrusion of a private moment that it invokes.

The photograph was taken on 8th of December 1980 by Annie Leibovitz.

I’m going to go ahead insert an explanation of the context taken from The Study:

On December 8, 1980, Leibovitz was commissioned by Rolling Stone to photograph John Lennon and Yoko Ono, as part of the promotional efforts surrounding their joint album Double Fantasy. While Leibovitz had hoped that both Lennon and Ono would pose nude, Ono was uncomfortable with shedding her clothes. But Ono’s reluctance led to a legendary improvisation. Of the experience, Leibovitz has said: “I was kinda disappointed, and I said, ‘Just leave everything on.’ We took one Polaroid, and the three of us knew it was profound right away.” Later that evening, Lennon was shot and killed outside of his New York City apartment building. The magazine ran the haunting image (sans headlines) as its cover the following month.

That pretty sums up most of it. If you want to see more Annie Leibovitz work ( you could search her up.) or alternatively you could click here.

Thank you for sticking through it. Hope you experience something good today.





Grey hair
Pollutes my mind,
Stems itself in my thoughts
Thoughts I can’t remember.
The words are sucked up
Something is sucked up
Grey hair
I can’t remember
I need to pee

Grey hair
Steals my memories
Tomorrow left today
I can’t remember
Something is stolen
Who are these faces
I need to pee

Grey hair
Takes what’s left of me
My bed is wet – it’s warm.
I can’t remember something
Grey hair
I’m cold
I can’t remember anything.

– Lita




This is inscribed
Knowing that you shall never
Possess knowledge of it.
Sans the fear of repercussions

Your absence is prominent,
No one will admit to it,
However our eyes keep on
A lookout for you;
Like lone lighthouses
Looking past beautiful seas,
Just for you

Your absence is known
In the lack of security
That blankets us in the nights
When loneliness commits
Acts of treason against us.

Your absence is felt
In the tension that pursues after
Mention of your fading existence
Lurking in the holds
That love once occupied

Your absence is loathed
In the fact that it was incapable of taming
Nor reversal; because death can be given
And not taken back.


Light from Lita
See you soon



She sat lone in the corner
And watched on.
Her preys roamed, 
Unaware of her

Both were tempting
Her body relished in the idea
Of them
Evil and sweet

They were her temptations
Even if she were to act upon it
She couldn’t
She wouldn’t hunt them.

Pretty boys
Better fear
The girl
Who lures
Them with
Sweet smiles

I fear the one who resides inside.
Light from Lita
See you soon.


Sweet winter

Sweet Winter,
Do enchant me with long nights
and whispers of Day.
Encompass me with a great might
As i take my journey away from falling may.

Sweet Winter,
With dying grey skies
Calling out with watering eyes
For your blighted innocence.
Embrace me with your promises of fertile land.

Sweet Winter
Retracting  in the dead of night
Leaving with rays shining through the skies
Forget me not
When you reach where you reside
For sweet winter,
“Tu me Manques”

Tribute to that stormy afternoon

Tribute to that stormy afternoon.
I appreciate that time we shared
I’ll savour those moments.

Light from Lita
See you soon
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Sonnet to the rockers

I’ve listened to many rockstars growing up. With their overgrown hair and many tats.
Bobing and swaying my head to their endless tunes. They have drove us all to a musical nirvana where we were untouchable. These rockstars were another breed of musicians, they drove people insane with their lyrics and guitar solos written from the depths of their souls. Their sense of identity, true to their own being.

Where do rockstars go? Where do their souls evaporate to? The inking on the skin that branded them as a rock entity disappearing from the world. I think this is more than a sonnet to a rocker, it’s to all the dreamers out there, what happened to you ? Where are you?

Where have you gone?

Light from Lita
See you soon


There’s a beauty to be found in a almost dead rose. It’s still as beautiful as the day it bloomed. Either way if you think about it the rose till conveys the same meaning as it was given to you.

My sunday project was to find the things that I love and try to capture them in the best possible way yet in such way that they were showcased in the simplest form they were.

1. Dying Rose.

My beautiful property.

As I said it’s beautiful in a poetic way. Dying roses are beguiling , I cannot lie about that. However I still appreciate them with a soft brush of their dying petals.


This one may seem strange but have you ever found yourself spinning out of control and you’re dizzy and the world can’t seem stay still? I like that feeling of being able to run in one direction only to land up in another.

My beautiful property.

I am free, I cannot touch the sky or fly but for a moment in time, for a split second, I feel like I can. It fills me with a euphoria of joy and happiness because when I fall I’m not scared at all.

3. Licorice tea

Some people like the candy, others don’t.  I like the tea as well. It is not super sweet like the sweet.

My beautiful property.

I think may be a tea addict. Only because I try millions of different types of teas and it seems for the meanwhile I have settled on Licorice tea.  I take my daily dose plain and simple. I’d like to think that one day I would be sitting in a café in the streets of London sipping on a cup of Licorice tea whilst reading may favourite novel when I bump into you. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Those are some of my favourites things that I have truly come to hold close to my essence.

Perhaps you could share yours with me?

Light from Lita
See you soon.

New blog

Hi for those of you don’t know, my name is Lita.
I have other blogs so I’m not new to the game.

Q & A

1. Why not just use the other blogs that you have?

Well the others are used for a different purpose. They’re a little more deep on my thoughts so I would rather keep them unknown for the time being.

2. Then what’s this one for?

Solely to give others an opportunity to have glimpse into my world.

3 . What’s the ‘The Light & Simplicity project’ all about ?

I find that nowadays everything is really fast pace. I want to slow things down and allow for the good things to shine through.

4. How old are you?


Nearly 17

5. What do intend on blogging about?

Anything and everything.

Now that you know something about me I hope to see you in the coming posts.

Light from Lita

Love you all

Bye now

All rights reserved, the light and simplicity project.