Precious little girl.

When I leave this world
Will it remember me
Will my whispers be loudened
Or will my screams be silenced
When my tango with the world comes to an end
Will my performance receive standing ovations
Or will it be forgotten like tomorrows news. 
When the love I made comes to a halt. 
Will it nestle in the hearts of others
Will it send them into a spiralling wind
Or will it be taken for granted. 
When my eyes cease to see
Will they pause for me
Will they reminisce about me
More importantly will you treasure me for eternities?

See you soon
Light from Lita

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See no colour , hear no colour , speak no colour

See no colour , hear no colour , speak no colour

This is for all the conversations that had me trying to avoid the color elephant in the middle of the room. Maybe because I was born into the new era of my country’s democracy. I guess after the freedom came, the generation born into it was supposedly supposed to be a united front as one. Right? Wrong. I like, most born post 1994 are products of opinions and matters forced on us.

One thing people forget is that humans are cruel and bitter. We seek revenge even though we preach forgiveness. We are sly and mean beings.

If I were to burn you with a cigarette on your wrist each day for a year, that’s 365 wounds, each making the hole deeper , it would hurt right? Then let’s say that the tables are turned and you are no longer being hurt and you are given a cigarette to do the same to me. Then halfway through the year, we are both told to stop hurting each other.
From your point of view I still hurt you more to the point that I even scarred you whereas I got hurt and scarred as well but not as much as you.
That’s how some people see apartheid. So people from all sides still hold grudges.  Theses are passed on to the following generations.  While I as much as I would love to get into discussion of people having to moving on (note the sarcasm ) I think that it would be more important to myself as a nearly 17 year old to ask them to just stop thrusting their views and what’s right and wrong in racial matters to us. YES WE HAVE DEMOCRACY BUT OUR GENERATION IS A PRISONER OF THOSE BEFORE US.  The snide comments and actions that they expose to us is not right. Not everyone is rasict but the younger they get the less they are.

How much racism could I have experienced? A lot. Not just towards myself but to the people around me. I don’t know how I am supposed to respond to my closest friend being called a product of mix breeding.
Just because those who came before her weren’t of the same ethinic group. She’s beautiful, I know it hurts her but she holds her tongue.

Or for me to walk past with friends who aren’t of my ethinic group and have people in my own culture gossip and throw racial slurs at them and me(for supposedly thinking that I am better than them by hanging out with them) in my language knowing that I would understand them.
Yes racism is everywhere in the world. A 9 year old me knew what racism was, she saw it in the parking lot. When she was shouted at with racial degrading words when she passed a pickup truck occupied by a man in his then 40’s.

We are a rainbow nation of black and blues bruised hearts.
My generation is crying out for an escape. We do not want our grandparents or even realtives views to stop us from love .
Oh sweet love. I see interracial relationships everyday. It fills me with a sweet warmth knowing that they are overcoming our norms. I pray for them to overcome all obstacles in that lay ahead for them in our country,  our world.

People know about the Klan and the overt racism, but the killing of one’s soul little by little, day after day, is a lot worse than someone coming in your house and lynching you. Samuel L. Jackson

I know I can’t very well expect everyone to be non racists overnight.  However I wish we can reach a point where it is no longer hurting us all.  Or hindering other peoples opportunities.
I know only how to love. Love can conquer all.

I leave you with this

“Once upon a time there was two girls,” I say. “one girl had black skin, one girl had white.”
Mae Mobley look up at me. She was listening.
“Little colored girl say to little white girl, ‘How come your skin be so pale?’ White girl say, ‘I don’t know. How come your skin be so black? What you think that mean?’
“But neither one them little girls knew. So little white girl say, ‘Well, let’s see. You got hair, I got hair.'”I gives Mae Mobley a little tousle on her head.
“Little colored girl say ‘I got a nose, you got a nose.'”I gives her little snout a tweak. She got to reach up and do the same to me.
“Little white girl say, ‘I got toes, you got toes.’ And I do the little thing with her toes, but she can’t get to mine cause I got my white work shoes on.
“‘So we’s the same. Just a different color’, say that little colored girl. The little white girl she agreed and they was friends. The End.”
Baby Girl just look at me. Lawd, that was a sorry story if I ever heard one. Wasn’t even no plot to it. But Mae Mobley, she smile and say, “Tell it again.” 
― Kathryn Stockett, The Help

Light from Lita
See you soon

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The fear

The fear

I feel like I have unfortunately sensored myself to the point of oppressing myself. Maybe I started doing it with the best intentions like many other people that I know. In the end it has lead to me giving my condensed view to conversations and matters. All in the confines of fear. I hate reaping what I have sown over the last couple of years.

All because of fear. Fear of everything. I am a human. A free being. Then why do I allow myself to be hurt in order to satisfy others. I think that a pain that everyone will eventually experience is holding their tongues and not jumping at the opportunities that lay ahead of them. Or watching something that you nutrued with a deep love imploding into thousands of untouchable pieces. Or even losing love to the fear that grows from the fright of expressing your deepest desires.

I have a fear. We all do. I don’t think any man can ever truly be fearless.
Fear stems within us and blossoms into a crippling poison getting it’s nutrients every single time we open our eyes or close them. It’s a raging war in us dancing within our depths. The stray bullets puncturing the  vital organ. The heart. The mind. It makes us sick.  No pill nor injection can fix it.

Then the fear thrusts you into a dark wasteland.  Where people have noted that they were drowning yet still swimming.  The feeling of slow detachment. Of a slow creeping separation.

I refuse to allow any fear to grab ahold of me. This project means more now. I wanna find peace. Maybe I can start writing about the things I cannot say out aloud. Wouldn’t that be alright? It’s more than mere expressions and thoughts. Perhaps I’ll finally experience a peaceful bliss within myself. Issues and topics that hold my heart at a randsom. The randsom being me breaking free.

Light from Lita
See you soon

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Sonnet to the rockers

I’ve listened to many rockstars growing up. With their overgrown hair and many tats.
Bobing and swaying my head to their endless tunes. They have drove us all to a musical nirvana where we were untouchable. These rockstars were another breed of musicians, they drove people insane with their lyrics and guitar solos written from the depths of their souls. Their sense of identity, true to their own being.

Where do rockstars go? Where do their souls evaporate to? The inking on the skin that branded them as a rock entity disappearing from the world. I think this is more than a sonnet to a rocker, it’s to all the dreamers out there, what happened to you ? Where are you?

Where have you gone?

Light from Lita
See you soon



I was locked out due to the system update but I’m back now..


Inundated with a pitless azure
Ponder it over our prospects not blinded by our coteire
Smited with its zealous simper
Have it the effrontery to denote it for me ?

Light from Lita
See you soon

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Long ago , somewhere in time, I met  a cheetah.  He didn’t tell me his name. He never showed an ounce of fear. Only raising his head to meet my gaze. I felt unworthy in the gaze of the majestic beast. He lowered his head and studied me as I inched forward. I could see the calculation in his head as I lifted my hand.

Then I realised that he probably had been hurt before. That someone had rendered him powerless once. Someone took advantage of him. I tilted my head at him. He cocked his back. I hoped I wouldn’t catch a glimpse of his fear and wounded heart.
Instead of violating his space as many before me had. I tried to ask for acceptance, however how do you expect someone who had been burnt before to play with fire again.

With the allowance of him, I touched him slowly. Never had I felt fur so soft. I felt his bones with the vibrated breathing. It was a surreal moment.  I was in the space of an infamous killer yet all that he exuded was a aura of power and dominance. He lay still in light and simplicity.

I met a cheetah once and he shall forever lay in my soul

My beautiful property

Light from Lita
See you soon
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There’s a beauty to be found in a almost dead rose. It’s still as beautiful as the day it bloomed. Either way if you think about it the rose till conveys the same meaning as it was given to you.

My sunday project was to find the things that I love and try to capture them in the best possible way yet in such way that they were showcased in the simplest form they were.

1. Dying Rose.

My beautiful property.

As I said it’s beautiful in a poetic way. Dying roses are beguiling , I cannot lie about that. However I still appreciate them with a soft brush of their dying petals.


This one may seem strange but have you ever found yourself spinning out of control and you’re dizzy and the world can’t seem stay still? I like that feeling of being able to run in one direction only to land up in another.

My beautiful property.

I am free, I cannot touch the sky or fly but for a moment in time, for a split second, I feel like I can. It fills me with a euphoria of joy and happiness because when I fall I’m not scared at all.

3. Licorice tea

Some people like the candy, others don’t.  I like the tea as well. It is not super sweet like the sweet.

My beautiful property.

I think may be a tea addict. Only because I try millions of different types of teas and it seems for the meanwhile I have settled on Licorice tea.  I take my daily dose plain and simple. I’d like to think that one day I would be sitting in a café in the streets of London sipping on a cup of Licorice tea whilst reading may favourite novel when I bump into you. Wouldn’t that be nice?

Those are some of my favourites things that I have truly come to hold close to my essence.

Perhaps you could share yours with me?

Light from Lita
See you soon.



Eventually. No matter who you are, we get stuck, lost and yearning for difference. I guess it’s part of that thing called growing old, but it still isn’t a good feeling.
I think some more than others exprience it more often , only because of their type of thinking. I call it the over-thinking plot. Maybe you have it maybe you don’t.  Either way it has to stop.


This was taken a couple weeks ago in Cape Town. I think this was one of those rare moments were I was still.  My mind wasn’t racing with the ‘what if I fall’ or ‘I need to check on…’ I can’t remember what I was thinking at all but I’d like to think that I was more concerned about the fact that I would never get that moment back. I cannot be grateful enough for these moments.  Somehow you feel free and untouchable. Like I was the essence of the air that surrounded me.

I think a good way to reach a peace like that or a simplicity would be to close your eyes and breath. To realise that the moment that you are in is real.



Just to point that even though it was hot, It was very wind there.

Light from Lita
See you soon

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Recipe for living simplicity and harmony.

1. Always drink tea (or coffee ) in the morning.
This allows you time to wake up over a cup of fragrant tea. You can wake up fully by meditating over life’s issues like what colour tie to wear.

Not my image but still beautiful

2.Read a book
Sometimes you just need to escape reality. What better way than to dive into another world where you don’t exsit?

Not my image but still beautiful

3. Play an addictive game.
Allow all your stress and frustrations to be consumed by this game.

4. Sing a song.
Let the world or your neighbours hear your beautiful voice. Singing makes the soul feel better.

Not my image but still beautiful

5. Smell a flower.
Get your nose up into that flower. Wiggle it around.  So that you can enjoy nature while on the run.

And finally.

6. Pause
Take a deep breath,  smile . Everything will eventually be okay.

Light from Lita
See you soon

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Blunt knives can’t stab us.
They imprint us with the grooves of their blades.
Bulletless guns can’t shoot us.
They taunt us with the fear of death.
Unaimed punches don’t hit us.
They miss and bruise us elsewhere.
Misdirected actions cannot affect us.
They simply altar us.

Light from lita
See you soon.

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