Grey hair
Pollutes my mind,
Stems itself in my thoughts
Thoughts I can’t remember.
The words are sucked up
Something is sucked up
Grey hair
I can’t remember
I need to pee

Grey hair
Steals my memories
Tomorrow left today
I can’t remember
Something is stolen
Who are these faces
I need to pee

Grey hair
Takes what’s left of me
My bed is wet – it’s warm.
I can’t remember something
Grey hair
I’m cold
I can’t remember anything.

– Lita




“There are plenty of other fish in the sea”
so she left him hooked,
breathless in a foreign land.

                  moving against currents,
ignoring the warnings of his fellows
away from the safety of the deep below
his mind swims to the edge
        – unaware and baited
he waited
only to get caught.

so she left him hooked
within her being
and left him gasping for air
in a foreign land


Light from Lita
See you soon



Failure sweeps in
like a leaking roof
held together by bare hands
in the midst of a thunderstorm.

Or it drowns
like broken promises
teetering on snapping heartstrings
and dancing on wounded souls.

Light from Lita
See you soon.