Precocious Bloom



Precocious Bloom

Flowers grew in her backyard
She called them pretty
With a foreign roll of her

Flowers grew in her backyard
She pulled me to the back
Hands winding

Flowers grew in her backyard
She called me a man now
Said – men take flowers from
Girls like her

Flowers grew in her backyard
With boyish hands and
I picked them.

– Lita


Dying might save your life.

“Whether you can or cannot, you’re right.”

Flavoured Mist.

Flavoured Mist Source – Tumblr

It’s been a 134 days as of today (16 April 2017) since I’ve sat down with the intention of ‘publishing’ here. I won’t lie and say that I didn’t open this screen more times than I wish to admit, stumbling through sentences; hoping to make something that spoke to me.

So back from the dead, these are 4 things that I learnt:

1.People are ticking time bombs and while some are grenades, it’s the nuclear bombs you should fear.

Humour me, open your chats and call log.

Who do you speak to the most just because?

There’s your bomb. If they ceased to be there right in this second, would you disintegrate? Are you still standing? How much damage did they leave behind and were they worth it?

Watch yourself with others, don’t become a minefield.

2. Screw what people say, if you think it’s right then it is.

Whatever decisions you make, what you say or wear even what you eat is right so long as you feel that way. You get 24 measly hours a day and to have something haunt you whatever part of the day is a waste of time. Honey you’re golden and that’s all that matters.

3.Please isn’t a magic word – Hello is.

You need capital, advice, transport or the best pizza joint’s number. Google isn’t the best way to get it. You see that person who stood in line behind you? He knows that pizza joint. That woman you passed yesterday? She looking for people who are looking to start a business that she can help fund. You walk past opportunities everyday and you should shoot yourself in the foot for it.

4. Breathe, and do the shite you like.

Remember those measly 24 hours? Well I like writing my crappy poetry and even crappier pieces with it. It makes me happy, so does hopelessly falling in love with everyone and thing around me. I happen to like my weird music and love dancing to it too. I might not know how to cook like a normal person but when I don’t burn, my food is pretty bomb so I’ll enjoy that too. Crying feels good and so does pooping. Having an unpopular opinion doesn’t make you wrong. Life is a compilation of too many 24 hours and too little things we like – so do the shite you like and breathe.

Doing shite she likes,

This is you, perhaps in another time.

This is you, perhaps in another time.

“You must understand.” he started, staring at the figure standing a few feet in front of him – dangerously on the edge of the curb.

Her fingers glided through the air to shield 
the glare from the sun. With the beating heat, her warm breath carried into his space.

“I don’t.” She craned her neck to the side, glancing at the cars that blurred
past them.

He took a step back, in the guise to lure her 
back to safety.

She didn’t bite.

“I thought that I meant something to you. 
That we were something.
Now you stand there like a broken record,
saying that I must ‘understand’ that ‘We are nothing’.
Now you must understand something… 
I don’t.”

He sighed.

Suddenly there, where he stood, flew an old 
African fly. It lazily buzzed its
way past him; peaceful and unaware.

“Far from home” he thought.

She was far from home and thought she 
could take up residence in his heart. Yet he 
feared what she may do. Whether she be any good – none of his previous  tenants were.

She drew a final breath and watched her reflection twinkle in his eyes as let  herself fall backwards.

A car, that she long forgot the name for, 
came barrelling towards her.
It cried out that she should redeem herself,
yet she welcomed the impending doom.
It’s wail became louder with each of their heartbeats combined.

It filled her.
It overtook him.

“I understand” the soft utterance  encompassed her, as he embraced her.

Lighter light from Lita
Keep your soul intact
See you soon.

Filtered Away

Filtered Away

hollow shell
that beats no more
take it away
the burning pain
i fear the feeling
of falling

Light from Lita

See you soon.

Terga I


You lied.
Like you screwed around
With this fickle heart.
Lost it’s screws
And didn’t care,
Now it can’t be fixed
By anyone nor thing
That exists.
It hurts so much
But it can’t be fixed

Never give someone the power to detonate you with the blink of an eye.
“Ngeya saba”

Light from Lita
See you soon.

Conversations between beings [part 2]

I see you’ve returned young one.

Yes I have.

What do you wish to know now?

I would like to know what life is. More especially how it works.

You know that there are many philosophers, scientists and even the greatest minds of world throughout time and even today who are still trying to explain how it works.  Many have tried to come up with the answer to how life works. Many of whom have being correct. 

So then how does life work?

Life is dimensional, many different working parts.  It would take more time than I have to explain what it truly means.

Then tell me the part that no one ever says, almost like a harsh reality.

You sure, young one?

Yes. I have not much to fear. I mean how bad could it be?

It quite darker than it seems. The mere fact you think that you have little to fear,  proves it to be more prominent than you think. To simply put it, it is about dominating others.

Dominating others?

To be the better player,  to be more conniving than the next person. To “play them” no matter what it takes to win.

But surely you can’t think that.

But I do.

It’s wrong.

What’s wrong? The fact that it’s right or the entire principle of it? You may think that you better than it right? That parking spot you got just “in time” or that last sandwich on the shelf that you saw someone else eyeing that’s currently sitting in your fridge?
Don’t flatter yourself,  you’re just like the rest of them, young one.


It’s true, if you had the opportunity to be in better position you would take it right?

Is that why we hurt each other?

What do you think, young one?

I would like to think of this being as someone or something that exists as a source of knowledge. As a means for a child to learn something. Just more straightforward.  Blunt. I would like to think of the “young one” as a young being who has not being exposed to the world and it’s harsh realities. It’s a mind that has not formed by opinion.

Light from Lita
See you soon.