I hope everyone is doing well in the final leg of this awful year( Anyone else feel like they didn’t see it coming?).

I’ll be making a site name change and content update soon. I do feel like I’ve grown and evolved since I’ve started this blog and I wish for it to reflect that. My purpose has shifted and it’s only fitting for this site to represent that.

With that being said I’m looking forward to the future and all that it holds. I do hope to continue to move forward and forge new realtionships with fellow bloggers and readers( and strengthen the ones I have already ).

A new installment I’m working on is going to be centered around guest posts so I would love to get anyone interested involved. You can use my site as a platform for your thoughts and cause,  sharing is caring after all.

If you would like to be involved or talk about something in particular please email me at:

and we can discuss further details there.

Thank you so much for the continued support and watch the space for the site update.

Light from Lita
See you soon.




Grab a bat
Stand at the mat
No not like that.

Shoulders out
Straighten your back
No displaying that pout
For this is all you lack

Sit and watch football
You could learn a couple of moves
Don’t look at the boys
Feet and only feet
I won’t admit defeat

Stop it
Boys don’t like boys like that
My son doesnt do that
He isn’t apart of it.
Stop screwing me over
Be a man.

“I am.”

To E: It’s been a year since you jumped out of the closet. It’s so beautiful to watch how you landed in people’s hearts.  You’re a stubborn weed that refuses to leave and I love you for it. This one’s for you, mister. Thank you for letting me share it.  Happy OutDay!

Light From Lita
Zaps From E


Displeasing Pleasure

Displeasing Pleasure

Don’t touch me there
with scalding hands
that pull on my hair.

Heavy chested bigot
with not-so-subtle comments
I don’t want to hear.

Not-so-sly wandering eyes
hoping we won’t see how,
one by one
objects we become.

“Little one”
can’t take it no more,
yet you’re banned from hearing more.

This one had me thinking since it was published. I think I finally found a way to form it into a coherent thought.

Light from Lita.


Let me hurt you.

Let me hurt you.


It’s currently 18:20, a long 20 mins after I sent that message. Yes this is in real time. I guess I am mixing media right now aren’t I?

Obviously I am still having this conversation on the side, actually a response has just been sent through.


I am back. 

I guess it’s cruel to react the way I did – it’s a profession of love right?

Someone thinks they love me and I can’t help nor affirm their love.


I do love that person.
Believe me I do.
I do love you.

Let me hurt you, because that’s all I know how to do.

So in advance, for breaking your heart and being the villian – only because I can’t love you the way you need to be loved; It would be selfish to keep you.


Here is your poem,
from your heart to yours.

why aren’t you responding? I am so sorry and I know that won’t take the pain away.


Please pick up the phone.


Please pick up,
I need to hear your voice.
Sorry ( I know you hate me for saying it )


………… silence.


Tears in my lover

I can’t take it away
I can give it

tears in my lover
rips in your heart
I can’t catch
nor patch.

Don’t ask to be held.
I’ll only burn you
my touch
isn’t meant for such

tears in my lover
I apologise.


Which side do you think I am on,
sent or received?

take it all away
for the both of us.

It hurts. We brought it on.

” I know you love me, it’s one sided but I knew going in… love you forever babe. ”

” love you too”

Light from Lita
See you soon.



I tried to find solace
at the bottom of a maturing bottle,
so I could bring it all back;
the tinge in your fading laugh,
the smell of your existence.
Even the things that I thought
were meant to be hated;
You chew too loud,
You forget my feelings,
You protected me too much,
You always made smiles appear…
on bad days.
Or held on too tight onto our world;
even when it came crashing down.

The bottles do nothing now…
I can’t numb the pain
or mask your disdain.
So I dive a little deeper into it,
the bottles and the booze.
to take it all away.

My fears,
and mostly need.

Light from Lita
See you soon.


tossing and turning in bed
I climbed up your twin peaks
Nestled in the cave of your heart.

Deeper in your softness and warmth
I pulled and tugged
like a guitar player
and listened to the melodies
that pushed past and out of you.

I took it further
felt your hesitation through my stiffness
that settled in the stillness of the night.

Though you understood
my nights aren’t filled with sleep;
rougher than the hairs that lined my jaw.

And I took my release from you
held you through the cold air
and watched you sleep.

Light from Lita
See you soon.